CANAL and the ASCA Research Group AI and Cultural Production are organising the seminar series ‘Interdisciplinary Perspectives on AI & Culture: Art and Science In Conversation’. Across four sessions, the series aims to identify gaps in how different disciplines conceptualise AI in culture and culture in AI:

  • Session 1: ‘Iconic images’ (February 21), Nanne Van Noord and Claudio Celis Bueno. → Register.
  • Session 2: ‘Prediction and causality’ (March 28), Melvin Wevers and Sara Magliacane. → Register.
  • Session 3: ‘Bias and metrics’ (April 18), Dieuwertje Luitse and Fernando P. Santos. → Register.
  • Session 4: ‘Creativity and AI in Cinema’ (May 23), Pei-Sze Chow and Carlo Bretti. → Register

All four sessions will take place at 15:00-17:00 at the Institute for Advanced Study (Sweelinck Room, Oude Turfmarkt 147, 1012 GC Amsterdam).

The seminars will be hybrid (in-person and Zoom). Participation is free, please register if you would like to attend. Links with more information per session, including registration details, will be added above when available.

The seminar series will culminate in a roundtable discussion in June 2023 where we will ‘hack’ current imaginations/misconceptions, as well as methodologies of researching and applying AI in cultural contexts. More details on this will follow.